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Stucco has adorned the walls of Georgia for generations. It is appreciated for its aesthetic quality and long-lasting durability. As a material, it delivers serious curb appeal and does so cost-effectively. If you are someone who has been looking to make the addition of stucco to their home, your top priority should be finding your very best, local stucco contractors. At MikeStucco, our residential stucco contractors have been providing the homeowners of Atlanta, GA with top-quality stucco installation and repair work, for many years. If you are looking for a superior standard of work with stucco, there simply isn’t anyone better for the job.


In commercial spaces, stucco has been used for decorating and strengthening properties for many decades. Business owners trust it as a material, knowing just how cost-effective it can be, whilst being able to fulfill a number of their needs. We can say for certain that stucco is one of the best additions you can make to business property, however, one thing that you need to assure is the quality of your stucco contractors. At MikeStucco, we have been providing our commercial stucco services to businesses throughout Atlanta, GA and the surrounding areas for a number of years.


For many generations, stucco has been used as a finishing material, inside our homes. It is strong and long-lasting and leaves a quality appearance, that looks well-finished. It is a great addition to make to any home but it is not completely invincible. Stucco damages like any other concrete material, cracking, discoloring, or sometimes succumbing to water damages. Nobody wants their walls showing off the scars of damaged stucco, so if it happens to you, you should look into some professional repairs work as soon as you can. When you need any level of stucco repairs, give MikeStucco a call, and we will be able to lend a hand, right away.

Stone Work

While the basic premise of masonry is the finishing of a wall or structure, there are several different ways in which this process can be completed. Masonry is all around you in the various buildings and structures you visit every day, but there are certain types that are a better fit for construction than others depending on the design for that particular job. In order to know which method will be best for your upcoming project, it will be important to get acquainted with the different types of stone masonry options that are available. At MikeStucco, our masonry contractors are doing our best to find the highest quality masonry option for your project. Contact us today to learn more about our stone work and request a free estimate!